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The Natural Healing Discussion Group currently has over 150 members. It is a forum and discussion group for those interested in the rich Islamic tradition of natural healing.

The following is a brief description by one of the group's moderators:

The guiding principle of the Islamic view of natural healing is Hikmah (wisdom), which is rooted in recognizing Allah's infinite Rahma (mercy), and always giving Hamd (praise) for the many favors bestowed upon us.

We seek to become people connected to ourselves, the elements, the universe and ultimately with our Creator. By doing this we begin to understand and see the patterns within creation, and how everything is intertwined so beautifully. These realizations form the basis for the holistic approach of natural healing.

We will explore these and other related topics on this email list, inshaAllah. The list was one of the outcomes of the recent "Natural Healing in the Islamic Tradition" seminar held in Washington, DC. (Purchase this seminar) The primary scholar was the traditionally trained Sidi Hakim Archuletta of New Mexico, who is one of the list's main resources.

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